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$3,000 Accidental Death Policy (ADP)

If a family member were to die in an accident today, would you be financially able to handle the expenses, like emergency healthcare or funeral expenses? The ADP can cover both you and your spouse with $3,000 of coverage each, and $1,000 of coverage for each child in your home*. Take advantage of the $3,000 ADP and you will pay no premiums during the first policy year**. At the end of the first policy year, keep the coverage for a $10 premium. If you decide not to pay the premium, the plan will terminate and no premiums will be due. Contact Us for more information.

*In Florida only, the ADP covers both you and your spouse with $3,000 of coverage each, and $2,000 coverage for each child in your home.

**In Florida only, this family coverage is only $4 a year, however 100% of the first-year premium is paid by the Agent through a rebate. You pay no premium until the end of the first year of coverage. If you decide not to pay the premium, the plan will terminate and no premiums will be due.

MedFacts Kit

The MedFacts Kit is a helpful medical guide that could potentially save your life, or the life of a loved one when you are unable to communicate important medical information. The MedFacts Kit also provides you with the ability to detail the dosage and frequency of prescription medicines you are currently taking. This will help doctors better understand your daily medical regimen, which could directly affect your treatment plan.

Memorial Guide

In the Memorial Guide, you’ll be able to list important information so your wishes will be clear to those left behind. When completed, this valuable guide will provide comfort for your family. They will know your funeral is conducted the way you would have liked. When your final wishes are known, it minimizes family disagreements and alleviates stress.

Child Safe Kit

The Child Safe Kit is a convenient way to record comprehensive information about your child so authorities can help you find your child quickly. The Child Safe Kit also comes with an inking strip so you can fingerprint your child as an additional resource to help find them. A Liberty National Representative will deliver the kit(s) and explain other insurance benefits you may qualify for. Want more information?

Individual & Family

Liberty National offers life insurance and Supplemental health & accident insurance for individuals and families, as well as several introductory offers.

Group Employee

Keep your business attractive to skilled workers by helping employees gain access to pretax products, while still reducing your business’ taxable contributions.

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  • For 40 consecutive years, Liberty National has earned the A+ (Superior) Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best Company (as of 7/18).
  • AA- or “Very Strong” Financial Strength Rating from Standard & Poor’s (as of 11/18)
  • A1 for Insurer Financial Strength Rating from Moody’s (as of 9/18)
  • A+ “Strong” for Insurer Financial Strength Rating from Fitch (as of 11/18)
  • Ward’s Top 50 Life-Health List (as of 6/17)