Find The Right Life Insurance For You, For Your Family, For Your Loved Ones, For Couples

Individual, single parent, and family insurance policies are available. Liberty National products help policyholders with:

♦ Final expenses

♦ Supplemental health and accident expenses

♦ Mortgage payments

♦ Income replacement for spouse and children

♦ Children’s educational expenses

♦ Emergencies and opportunities

Individual Life Insurance Policies

Liberty National offers life, accident, and supplemental health insurance through our local, state-licensed insurance professionals in the comfort of your own home.

Why Life Insurance?

Throughout your life, Events like marriage, the birth of your children, and retirement change your insurance needs. Depending where you are in your life will determine which type of and how much life insurance is most appropriate for you. One of our hometown Agents can help you determine if you need whole life or term life insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

♦ It can provide coverage for your entire life and also builds cash and loan value with premium payments

♦ Premiums never increase and coverage never decreases

♦ Whole life is generally more expensive than term life Insurance because coverage lasts a lifetime

Term Life Insurance

♦ Term life insurance provides coverage for a limited period of time

♦ After that period, policyholders typically pay increased premiums to continue coverage

♦ Term life insurance is usually less expensive than whole life insurance

Go beyond Life Insurance with additional Supplemental Health and Accident Insurance

♦ Cancer Insurance ♦ Critical Illness Insurance ♦ Hospital Intensive Care Insurance ♦ Hospital Accident Insurance ♦ Accident Insurance ♦ Accidental Death

Individual & Family

Liberty National offers life insurance and Supplemental health & accident insurance for individuals and families, as well as several introductory offers.

Group Employee

Keep your business attractive to skilled workers by helping employees gain access to pretax products, while still reducing your business’ taxable contributions.

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A Reputation that stands

  • For 40 consecutive years, Liberty National has earned the A+ (Superior) Financial Strength Rating from A.M. Best Company (as of 7/18).
  • AA- or “Very Strong” Financial Strength Rating from Standard & Poor’s (as of 11/18)
  • A1 for Insurer Financial Strength Rating from Moody’s (as of 9/18)
  • A+ “Strong” for Insurer Financial Strength Rating from Fitch (as of 11/18)
  • Ward’s Top 50 Life-Health List (as of 6/17)